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Alternative for WP Google Maps


Hey guys,

do you know a good alternative to WP Google Maps that i can integrate to my webflow site? Maybe a online tool that gives me a iframe or something like that.

I need to create a map like this and know that this was create with WP Google Maps.



Hi Maurice,

I tried to use something called google "my maps", which was recommended to me in this forum but it lacks customization. Maybe someone knows a better tool. :slight_smile:



Hi @Samuel_Grausgruber,

yeah I already checkout "mymaps", but its truly lacks customization.



The only other one I've used is Mapbox. It's customizable.


I used for (scroll to the bottom)


+1 for


Thanks @PixelGeek, that looks pretty well.
Do you know how I must save my custom marker, that it will displayed correctly?
I saved my custom pin as svg, but its so much bigger than the normal pin :confused:



I don't know personally. Try asking the mapkit team


Ok. I wrote the mapkit team. Let's see what they say, otherwise the tool looks quite reasonable.


I got it to work :smiley:

I uploaded the icon as svg, but instead I must uploaded it as PNG with 32x32 PX.

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