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Amazing Interactive Landing Page!


Check out this awesome landing page for a church drama group that was just launched while the website is still under construction, be sure to voice your opinion. :grinning:
Webflow preview link:


Looks pretty sweet. I'd honestly make the whole page clickable. Most people, including myself won't realize there was a place to click until you notice the byline.


Thanks for the advice! I was considering it but then realized I will soon have to add more links and it woudn't work any longer if I made the whole screen a link. Though thank you so much for your contribution for advice. Thanks! :grinning:


My client and I liked the landing page so much that the final website will be based on the theme of the Landing Page now. Although with much more content and more strategic interactions rather than just decorative items such as the Divs in the background "dancing" around. Be sure to let me know what you think about the current landing page and new features I can add to it while its still up. :yum: