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Amazon outage affecting Webflow


Unable to save. Logged out. Unable to get back in to dashboard.


Same here, can go to dashboard from 5min now.


I am also unable to log into the dashboard. Can anyone from @webflow let us know if there is a known issue?


Same here


I think now should be ok.


Same for me, couldn’t save the latest things I’ve made so I logged out. Couldn’t get back in afterwards


Hi there, thanks for the reports. There was an amazon outage that affected a number of different services, ie. Slack and Webflow and probably others.

If you have not already, I would recommend to refresh the browser window or do a hard refresh:

If there is any new info, I will provide an update.

Thanks in advance.


Same here: impossible to join my dashboard. It’s a big problem


Same here: impossible to join my dashboard. It’s a big problem


@Magicopit Can you show us what you’re seeing? We’re not seeing any error reports in our server logs, and our external monitoring looks stable:

Is it possible there could be a network issue?


this is what I see:

and this is my network speed:


Hmm, very odd - any chance you can try in Incognito Mode (all extensions disabled) or in Safari and see if you get the same result?


sorry to come back to you only now: then it started to work normally.

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