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An Open Letter to Webflow

I’m going to try my best to fight for what us users need on this platform for it to remain viable for us. My livelihood depends on it as well. I hope I’ll be able to work with the internal team to make all of your voices heard. I likely will start a new thread after my meeting and ask what you guys need to help boost your faith in the future of Webflow.


Much appreciated, thanx @DFink :+1:

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I agree with the feeling most of us have.
For me a pivotpoint was the ecommerce functionality. It’s quite useless and the effort that this took should’ve been spent elsewhere. Solutions like foxycart aren’t actually solutions and will not benefit your website/webshop.

Same goes for the latest functionalities like the audit panel. Although webflow is being marketed as a design tool also, you should never design in Webflow. So this functionality is absolete, because you should tackle accessibility during design stages already.

I already stopped promoting webflow to my clients 6 months ago and only work with webflow on request and for certain usecases where it makes sense to use webflow, like landingpages.

There is to much focus on the financial side, like the partner program. Nice for the ones that are in in it, but 99% doesn’t. Doesn’t have anything to do with the actual use of webflow itself.

Yes I do like Webflow, or at least how it was intended to be, but we are so far from track that I don’t see this being turned around quickly enough. It feels like a bubble that is about to burst. Not to forget the competitors that are circling around.

Webflow broke my heart just as fast as they stole it. And that is a red flag for me.


Ouch. We’d love the opportunity to learn more about how we could have served you better.


“Solutions like foxycart aren’t actually solutions and will not benefit your website/webshop”.

I mean… that statement is pretty much objectively false.

Not even wordpress can do everything natively if you’re trying to go a ‘no code’ route. Expecting webflow to be able to do so is a bit unrealistic.

And no, I’m NOT saying that I disagree with the valid grievances that are being discussed in this thread and elsewhere. I’ve run into many myself over the years with various clients. I’m specifically responding to ‘no coders’ who think there’s no room for or no value brought by third-party tools that specialize in extending Webflow’s capabilities in various ways.

It’s amazing what you can build with third-party platforms and tools like Foxy, Finsweet, and others. Not everything has to be dealt with natively and if a client can’t afford (or believes they can’t afford) a monthly price that encompasses more than just their webflow base hosting fee… I’m not sure that they’re being sold to in the proper way so that they can see the value of what they’d be getting and that it really is a bargain in the long-run.

There’s very much room for other entities to help contribute to making what you can do with Webflow better and more powerful. It doesn’t only have to come from directly within Webflow.


For anyone dooming here or newcomers to Webflow I want to make it clear that on the whole Webflow was and still is a fantastic tool. The key is understanding its limitations and which projects to employ it on. Like with any tool a web developer uses really. Research known limitations before starting, they aren’t hidden. There is a post dedicated to them on these forums.

Sure, there is an argument to be made that Webflow’s marketing over promises. I’ve seen first hand how this has lead to some newcomers being disappointed when they realise they were sold no-code dreams that don’t exist. To do proper web dev you still do have to understand web dev. Webflow can’t do everything, and nor can Wordpress.

The constructive feedback for Webflow in this thread comes from advanced Webflow users / agencies who build complex sites for clients with complex requirements, and most of whom have pushed Webflow to its limits (and successfully found them). If you’re Joe Bloggs building simple, relatively small marketing sites for clients then you will probably never encounter the issues outlined here.

  • If you don’t know how to interact with an API, then Webflow’s hopeless CMS API probably isn’t a big deal for you.
  • If you only build smallish sites then you probably won’t have issues with the designer freezing.
  • If your client base is primarily mono-lingual, you probably don’t care that Webflow doesn’t natively support translations (Anglosphere ftw!).
  • If you don’t know how to code or how to host a website, Webflow is still going to be 100s of times cheaper than paying a developer.
  • If you need e-commerce, go elsewhere. That said Foxy isn’t bad if you’re stuck in a situation where you need to add e-commerce to an existing Webflow site. Webflow’s native offering is functionally useless to a real world business IMO.
  • If you’re building a large site with complex CMS requirements, go to a platform better suited to that.
  • If you don’t know what project branching / versioning is then you probably don’t care that Webflow has no notion of it.

Not to forget the competitors that are circling around.

Could you help us learn who are those competitors?

I don’t think that would be fair to be honest… the objective here is to wake up Webflow so they stand up to the expectations (of an apparently large part) of their customers, not undermine them by promoting competitors on their own forum…

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As of now There’s EditorX from Wix, Ycode (which is pretty interesting in terms of how they handle Airtable integration), Relate (super cool idea and way of integrating with code) and of course Bubble (which is not really a design tool to be fair). And for portfolio sites Simplice is very interesting


Nothing is close to Webflow yet though, but they are catching up fast

What on earth?! I just read most of this thread. I couldn’t disagree more with many of the replies. Webflow has been and continues to be an amazingly functional and productive design platform for me. In my eyes you can do just about anything you can imagine. Anyone reading this that is questioning the value and quality of Webflow should not be discouraged. It is still a great product. Kindly,


Yer well I did a few speed tests on editor x-tremely slow :snail:

I have to say one of the reasons I love Webflow is because we can have a conversation like this on the official forum. Similar threads on another big platform forum beginning with “Air” used to frequently get shut down/ deleted. I monitored the Webflow wish list for 2 years before using the product. It is a product you can genuinely evaluate via the content it enables the community to generate. It might be common now, but I see Webflow as a leader in this area.


Thank you, I’m looking forward to the community update. Can we upvote #2? :grin:

Just wanted to say that as for @DFink, following this thread, I had the opportunity to speak directly with @thesergie about different issues mentioned here, and some that weren’t (like the limitations in the amount of Collections you can create under the current plans for example)…

I must say the exchange was good. Hopefully it will lead to a some quick wins and help improve Webflow’s product and business positioning and offering before competition catches up…


@Pasint any more that you can tell us? :grimacing: :heart_eyes:

Not really actually, sorry.

Sergie gave a little insight on their work approach and the general philosophie, but there are no strong takeaways to share, and honestly I didn’t expect any at this stage. We didn’t know each other and it’s normal for him not to say anything wild to someone who could just spill it in the forums (or somewhere else) afterwards :wink: .

But it was a good chat although it was too short for the amount of topics we could have discussed (though still 1 hr, which is good from a Senior Exec). We did talk about the general problems exposed in this thread. I was also able to expose my views and mention what I believe are strong selling point for Webflow, what the principal issues I face are and why (based on my experience, business approach and the market I’m in).
I did mention what I think would be simple way to mitigate those issues though, like for example simply removing the limit in the amount of CMS Collections one can create so we’re not stuck by it if we want to manually add different language version. There could still be limits (like the amount of data stored), but that would mitigate the lack of multi-language functionality. But from there we obviously went to talk about the performance issues this would create and add on top of the existing one… so this is with them now…
Or we even talked about things like how not having Editor access in the Basic site plan is making it difficult (again, in my experience) to get smaller companies on Webflow. Or about some general business oriented logics that could be very simple to add and would add more value to Webflow.

So although I would have preferred a more structured and methodic approach rather than a broad chat, I think it’s great he reached out to me to discuss following this thread.
Now I hope there will be a follow up and that it wasn’t just a communication stunt for me to post back here and say all this…

It would be a (good) surprize if there was anything coming out of this before mid-April when @callmevlad is set to “share updates” but I don’t expect this to happen. What I hope is that at least the points raised in this thread will be covered with specific announcement/resolutions then. We’ll see…


@Pasint Thanks for your reply. So wonderful that he sat down and talked with you. It’s good to know that the people at Webflow are listening, if only they were more transparent about it! We will see in April I suppose :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget that we’ll have our first Community Update of 2021 happening on April 14th at 11a PT. @callmevlad, @Jiaona_Zhang, and others from the Webflow team will be sharing updates on what we’ve already shipped, what we’re working on, and how you all can be involved. Please register and ask your questions beforehand. We’re looking forward to it and hope you all are too!


I recently suffered a serious CSFR attack on one of my websites powered by Webflow Hosting.

Obviously at the client level everything was perfect (reCaptcha and even some custom anti-bot implementations).

There was no doubt that it was a Server-Side related issue: I solved the problem just by managing the form elsewhere.

I spent A LOT of time troubleshooting and pointing out to Webflow Support various vulnerabilities related to some type of CSFR attacks.

After about two days, they replied to make sure I have successfully implemented reCaptcha :expressionless:

After the hours I used to help out, they didn’t question for a second the fact that there could be a Server Side problem.

The support and interest of the Webflow Team absolutely needs to be reviewed and enhanced. It is critical.