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Anchor Links (Menu links) are not scrolling to correct position (Title gets cut-off)

Hi there,

My anchor links (Top Menu Items) are not scrolling to the correct position - they scroll past the Section Title I am linking to. The Title gets cut-off by the Navigation.

I have read a few topics, but can’t seem to find an answer.

Please see my page here:

Hi @rosespotdigital,

Welcome to Webflow and the Webflow community.

Also, greetings from sunny Wellington (well sunny today!), I hope you’re well.

Can you check to see where the anchor links for the nav links have been placed. It looks like the ‘Services’ anchor is placed on the ‘header-box-2 element’, it may need it on the ‘content-section-11’ element.

(checked using the ‘inspect element’ tool in the browser) - If you don’t mind sharing a ‘Read-Only’ link we can check the exact goings on.

See if that helps.

Thanks Keiran,

That was easier than I thought, thanks for your help!

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