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Animated Infographic 100% made with Webflow



Here's my 1st animated infographic made with webflow:
Any comments / feedback are welcome!


Renan Múfalo


If you wan't to keep the splash page, use the direct link:



Brilliant! Really nice work with the backgrund animation as you press the tabs!


Thank you StevenP. This feature drove me crazy sometimes, but worth it.


Wow, definitively got questions smile


Nice work @Renan_M_falo! Good stuff!


really nice. make a template of this page, I'd buy it!


hahaha thank you, @adtastic adtastic


@Renan_M_falo This is really cool! I'm curious if you did this with a slider or tabs? If its tabs, you did you get the sliding effect?


Isn't a slider tab feature. I did "manually" this slider using Interactions, example: When i click at some link, i set an action to move the background 25%, then another action to disappear the current content and finally an action to make the link content come and that's how i made the entire animation.



Hi LJB, are you from Brazil? Se for, melhor falarmos em português, hehehe.
Well, i make the infographic public for you see everything.

Look at my profile and find the job there.




Beautiful, great job @Renan_M_falo, very nice indeed smile