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Animation Glitch


Thank you in advance for any help. I have a button “See Client Timecode” about half way down the homepage that animates on a 3 column list with some text. It’s working except that it animates above the previous section and looks bad. Does anyone know how to get around this?


Here is my site Read-Only:

Are you saying you want to reveal that section or list of client time codes when hitting that button?

Hopefully this video is helpful for you! I showed you how to solve your problem with revealing the time codes and along with it I also built an entirely new animation that you will hopefully like! Anyway, this was pretty fun and I hope you find it useful! Let me know if you have any further questions! :slight_smile: Take care!


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Hey @Noah-R! Thank you so much for making this video. SO HELPFUL! I really appreciate you taking it a step further too and making it super cool. I’m definitely going to be implementing your recommendation!

Thanks again!

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Awsome man! So glad to hear it helps! Post a link here when you’re so so i can see it when it’s finished! :slight_smile:

Take care man, cheers!

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