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Animation triggering too late at 0% on Safari iOS


When triggering scroll animations at 0% they start too late ( about 44px above?) on iPhone and Safari. I guess its because of the “action bar”. Are there any workarounds to solve this? The only way i managed to solve it is to put a “44px top padding” + “-44px top margin” on the trigger element but that hack wont work.

This is a general issue I guess and I don’t want to share a public link. Thank you.

Anyone? This have to be a common problem as it effect all scroll triggered animations. But I can’t find any answers och threads about it.

Hi, @Gushed!

Really sorry to hear about this issue. Could you, please, provide link to the project (you can send it in DM if it can’t be public) so I could try to investigate what could cause it?


Hi Anna!

I made a demo of the “bug” here for you to see. The animation works fine except in Safari on iPhone so please try it on such.



Best wishes