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Animation upon form submission


Hello all!

I'm looking to have some elements animate (fade from 0% opacity) only after the form is successfully submitted. Is there a way to do that?

I've tried adding an interaction to the Submit button. That works, but the animations also happen even if there's an error in the form input.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks smile

Interaction on Success Message Div after form submission

Hi @annie, that is a great question smile At the moment, there isn't this kind of interaction trigger for form submission, but it would be a great functionality to add.

About the closest thing you can get to this without using custom code, is by redirecting your form submission to a different page on your site, that has an animation that loads when the page loads.

There may be some other custom coded solutions that might be of help

I am going to turn this into a wishlist item smile


Interaction based on successful form submission trigger

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the suggestion! It's my backup plan smiley

Hope to see this added soon in Webflow smile

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