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Animation works when I push "play" but not when I load the page


I have animations with the “move” property. It works perfectly when I push play in the animation mode, but when its published or in preview mode it only animates the x-axis and not the y-axis.

here’s the site.


Hii @Peteroq, can you please help to share the site read-only link? It is a lot easier to see how an interaction is made, from the designer in read-only mode:

Also, when I looked on the published site, I see movement along both axis, can you take a screenshot or screencast of what is not working as you intended?

Thanks in advance.


Hey Dave!
Yes the the interaction on cursor working on both of the y and x-axis. But
the during the animation segment when the phone is landing the “glass” is
supposed to shoot up vertically too but it works only when I play the
animation “Shatter” isolated in preview mode. Not as a whole.


Peter Roquemore