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Animations have stopped working

Hey @danro, still having that issue over here even with a hard refresh.

These are the two sites in question:

1: Black boxes are hidden-

2: Nav bar mag/search animation not working, Readers page section missing + hover animations not working:

Thank you!

Hi @Victoria, thanks for providing these examples. In your case it appears that some of the interactions may need to be recreated. If you have a recent site backup before 3:50pm PST, I would advise restoring to that state if possible. We’re sorry these interactions are causing trouble :slightly_frowning_face:

Update: We’re also seeing an issue currently with Size (width/height) actions not being animated to “Auto”, will post an update here once it’s resolved.

Thank you for your patience! These types of updates lay a better foundation for things to come.

Thank you! I’ve gotten some features to work again but others are still being stuborn.

Found one other thing. on page load the loop was gone

Hi Jordan, any chance you have a link where we can see webflows default dropdown interaction?

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Hi all, we’ve pushed a fix for the Size (width/height) “auto” animation. At this point we are investigating a few one-off issues, but for the most part things have stabilized.

If you’re still experiencing an issue with Interactions, please reach out to so that we may help get things back on track for you. We appreciate all the reports! :blue_heart:

Copy and pasted interactions are still not working for me at all between project? Even the most basic element interactions. Is there going to be any fix for this please? It’s been stopping me for days now :frowning:

While things seem better. I have noticed that when I have an interaction on the open/close navigation it seems to work fine. If I place that same Nav in a symbol it breaks the interaction.

The issue is also persisting for me on a basic accordion expand/collapse interaction on the main menu, inside a symbol.
The live site works fine on desktop with firefox and but nowhere else.
Please help :neutral_face:

read only:

live site:

UPDATE: Every animation on my site seems to now be broken.
That means I can’t add items to cart, can’t open the cart, all dropdowns are permanently open and I can’t scroll through images on a slider. Basically all functionality is compromised.
This is rather a big problem.

I’m starting to have issues as well. It’s mainly happening as I paste interactions from one project to another.

I have a few different versions of a site I am working on. If I paste a section from site A to site B, none of the pasted interactions work. Further, some pasted content is missing. Pasted interactions aren’t linked to the correct element and/or class.

Deleting the interaction trigger and creating the trigger again brings some interactions back to working.

This is incredibly frustrating. I’m completely unable to work properly at the moment.

Not sure what to do.

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Hi Webflow team,
Is there an update on this? Any element that I wrap in a symbol now seems to break the interactions that are contained. Thanks guys.

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Hi all, thanks for the reports. We’re aware of cross-site copy paste and symbol issues relating to interactions. Please email with your read-only link, as it provides our team with more data to troubleshoot the bug.

@milkshaken can you contact us at and provide our team with your site read-only link? Please also describe any possible steps leading up to the incident.

Thank you for being patient as we are actively working on this feature and tracking these regressions.

Thank you for the reply. I already emailed support 2 days ago but nothing yet, I’ll drop another line now.
Is there anything at all I can do in the meantime, besides rolling back to an earlier version? My site is pretty unusable (especially on mobile) right now.

Whoever is being affected by interactions stopping working inside symbols. The current workaround is to create an empty symbol then copy and paste necessary elements inside of it. Do not create a symbol out of your elements with interactions - this process breaks interactions for some reason.

At least this worked for me since I started experiencing the same bug today.

@danro please check this out as well, maybe it will help your engineers figuring things out.

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Is there any news on a fix for this as the issues are still happening? Thanks.