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Animations working in live preview, but not published site


Some of the animations work and some don’t, based on random factors I can’t figure out. For example, animation 1 might perform just fine, but when I adjust a setting on animation 2, animation 1 stops working (but still works in the live preview).

I tried logging in and logging out and republishing, a few times each, but neither of these things helped at all.

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hi @adawg, Thanks for the post.

First, could you help to take some screenshots of the elements having the interactions, i.e. animation #1 and animation #2? It will really help to know which elements are effected.

Here is a good tool for screencasts:

Next, could you also share the site published url so that we can check that out? Remember that if you have any custom code on the site, it is not run in the preview mode, so if there are some custom code issues, those will not be seen until the site is published.

Thanks in advance


Thanks! is the published link
All of the scroll animations have issues at different times. Right now the New Scroll Animation 2 isn’t working for me (though I just went in, clicked ‘live preview’ for all of them, and the 3rd animation on the list started being the broken one and the 2nd one started working. I did it again and now it’s back to the New Scroll Animation 2 not working).

I have no custom code on the site.



I am having the same problem. My interactions are working in the live preview, but not on the published site. Not sure if this is the issue but the published link has a javascript error in the Console, so assuming the javascript is potentially not compiling correctly when publishing.

This is the link to the published site:
And here are some screenshots of the animations:




I’m also having some trouble with animations that work fine in Live Preview, but don’t work in the website preview or published site. It’s probably something I’m/we’re doing wrong, otherwise I think more people would’ve run into this problem.

Hey @adawg and @laurenwaller, were able to figure out what your issues were?