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Another cloneable portfolio concept


Hey Webflowers,

I've been working on another portfolio concept I wanted to share with the community. (not responsive yet)

So here it is :

Feel free to use it for your own porfolio or just play with it :slight_smile:

For this project, you might be interested in scrolling interactions, custom form inputs, or hover3d plugin (with the help of @AlexManyeki <3)





Great work! Loving the seamless transitions on scroll. :ok_hand:


Thank you @AlexManyeki !


Though this is a great job, you're just teasing us about what your own portfolio will look like.
The expectations are hight! :slight_smile:


Awesome job! Love the custom code hover effect. I haven't seen that in webflow before.


Thank you very much @nita_design and @jashsak

@nita_design as I told you doesn't mean my portfolio will look better :slight_smile:


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