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Another E commerce site!


Here is another / Webflow Ecommerce Site recently completed for Toplace LLC, an online, worldwide, DIY Hair Piece / Toupee company :slight_smile:

I know some of the designers out there would look great with one of these products :wink:

---> (Before)

---> (After)

Lack of digital resources from the client. (Lack of product models, hence the one guy from the forums all over the website)
Unique Target Market

6 Month Results:
Bounce Rate reduced from 63% to 23%
Increased Conversion Rate from 1.35% to 4.13%
MRR Increased to $19,755 from $9683 MRR

Team Training / Integrations: (Manage orders/transaction Dashboard/customer database, ETC)
Google Analytics (Advanced Ecommerce Tracking, Goals Set-Up, Market Segmentation)
Adroll (Ad retargeting Campaigns)
Search Console (Referral Campaign) (Heatmaps & Visual Analytics/Polls/Feedback) (Automated Newsletter & Readers Digest Campaigns)
ShareASale (Affiliate Marketing Campaign)

Other Services:
Adroll / PPC Managment
Google Data Studio Intro/Set-up


From looking on destkop - really impressive Scott, nice to see some of the finer details / results.

Thank you for sharing.



Great job @Scott_Van_Zandt !!!


@JoeMillion Thanks so much, I appreciate the feedback!


@Scott_Van_Zandt Thanks Josh! Couldn't have done these integrations without your help :+1:


Awww shucks. :blush:


@itbrian40 Thanks, Brian!!

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