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Another Webflow Miracle


Just finished another site which explores some of the things possible with webflow especially fixed backgrounds and PNG backgrounds.

Have a look

The sun effect is done by layering a PNG with a hole in the middle on top of a container with fixed background.


very beautiful. GREAT JOB! =D.....


Nice job! How did you make the hero viewport fit at any sized browser like


Nice site! But I found an issue on safari. once you enter and there are the 4 bottles, when you mouse over them and you have the zoom animation, they disappear after the animation finishes. I'm not sure why.


Brilliant work on the sun-masked-thing!


It's a long time I want to explore these transparency effects. Your example is so good looking! Good job.

And the whole site is very nice.


Thank you for noticing that. I will try to debug and post my solution.


The "trick" here was to divide the space into thirds that equal 100% height. Like so:

  1. Created a div with a set width and centered it
  2. Added 3 divs inside and divided the space in 3
  3. Added content to each third
  4. When you resize everything stays in proportion

Hope that explains it



Very smart! Thanks for sharing! smile


Great design. Smart combination of css positioning and png's.


Another question, Is your "center div" set at like 90% width & height? Again, thanks for sharing your technique of your gorgeous site!


Yes. Width is 47% and height is 98%