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Any interest in VueJS with Webflow in Webflow (Not Exported)

Hi Everyone,

I have worked out a really efficient way to use VueJS with Webflow for a recent client project and I am wanting to gauge interest from the Webflow community. I built a quoting solution as the customer does not want ecommerce yet but they want a customer to add products to a quote list and then email this to them via a form to manually process the order.

This is not a build in Webflow and export to use in Vue and never go back to Webflow. This is build in Vue and use Vue syntax like interpolation {{user.firstname}} and looping through data with something like ‘v-for=“item in items”’ all inside Webfow. This keeps the project entirely in Webflow forever.

It includes a build and a deploy command that exports the code from vue so it is ready to use in Webflow.

I have seen several posts on here and Facebook asking about Vue and Webflow and I am thinking of writing a blog post and making my build available if there is interest in this.

So if this peaks your interest, please post here and let me know.


Hey @andyjames.
That sounds like a pretty awesome project and Vue integration. We’ve got a Foxy + Webflow user we’ve been helping that is using Vue to import data from Airtable into Webflow for product comparisons and more. We’ll be posting more details soon.

My hunch is that the more use cases the Webflow community sees, the more interested people will be. :slight_smile:


Hi - did you ever get round to writing that blog post? :slight_smile: