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Any plans for a Muse-esque visual sitemap feature?


One of my favorite features in Adobe Muse is the visual site map capabilities. It’s incredibly intuitive and useful. Nice that it also generates menus based on it. I don’t think Webflow currently has this feature but I’m wondering if its on a development timeline to be added?

Screenshot included for those that may not know what I’m referring to:


Hi @RyanFromGDSE

That looks really useful, it’s not something i’ve heard mention of on the forums or Q+A’s so I would make sure to add that to - there have been many Musers moving over so I imagine quite a few will vote on this feature (and me!) :grinning:


oooo. I’d vote for that. Post it in and share you link here so the community can vote for it :slight_smile:


+1 Looks cool. I might also add that it would be nice to have deeper nesting in Webflow.

I think currently you can only nest under one folder. I’d like to have more sub-routes if possible with dynamic naming.


Added and if you’d like to vote here’s the link:


Voted! :white_check_mark: