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Any sites in the Showcase that have working google calendars in them?

wondering if I can see any information on how to do this??? :smile:

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I’m not aware of any examples of this in the show case, but I do have quite a bit of experience working with the Google Calendar API. If you could give some more detail about what you’re wanting to do I might be able to point you in the right direction.

I am trying to incorporate a calendar layout for events in a website for charity that i am doing. I don’t know how to do this in webflow and the only thing I could see was people suggesting using a google calendar.
I am not experienced in code at all, just a designer that uses webflow.
When I googled it, it showed how you set-up a calendar, make it public then copy the code. That’s where I am unsure as to how to incorporate it to my site.
Any help would be appreciated, and thank you for the reply.


Hi Connnie! Hope this helps:

This depends on how seamless you want the integration.

Option 1: Embed a google calendar or other calendar tool! Depending on functionality needs this should be fine.

Pros: easy install. Just drop the embedded calendar code (iframe) into a “Embeded block” that you pulled into your site using the Webflow designer. Place the embeded code block wherever you’d like the calendar to appear.

Cons: no design customization, no custom Css/JS

Option 2:

Google Calendar or other calendar API

Pros: complete design control and customization
of functionality. Ability to use a custom calendar UX.

Cons: you would probably need to hire a developer or learn the integration :slight_smile:

You could go to your Google Calendar settings and check that it is publicly visible:


Then scroll down further to the “Embed Code” section:


Then copy this iframe, and head over to your Webflow site. Create a new embed element on your site, then paste the Google Calendar embed code in. Make sense?

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Wow, that seems pretty easy!
Thank you. I wonder how it would look on mobile format?
Any experience in that?