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Any Suggestions on Replacing Exported Forms of Webflow due to GDPR?


I think that FormToEmail is the perfect option for Webflow users. Making just a few simple changes in Webflow’s Element Settings >Form Settings and adding a couple of hidden fields (using the Embed component) will enable you to continue using your existing Webflow forms without any other changes. I have used FormToEmail for many years, before signing up to Webflow, and have been really happy with them. I am now updating all of my Webflow forms to be processed by FormToEmail. I can thoroughly recommend this guys - they are helpful, responsive and have a great site too!


Not sure if I’m the only person having this issue but during my testing, forms sent using mailchimp only seems to work if the senders email address is NOT existing within the database. Makes sense for a mailist list as you dont want duplicate email addresses but for sending website enquiries if someone sends a second message, the email just seems to disappear.
Is there a setting within mailchimp that I’m missing that allows duplicate entries coming from the same email address?