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Any Suggestions on Replacing Exported Forms of Webflow due to GDPR?


I think that FormToEmail is the perfect option for Webflow users. Making just a few simple changes in Webflow’s Element Settings >Form Settings and adding a couple of hidden fields (using the Embed component) will enable you to continue using your existing Webflow forms without any other changes. I have used FormToEmail for many years, before signing up to Webflow, and have been really happy with them. I am now updating all of my Webflow forms to be processed by FormToEmail. I can thoroughly recommend this guys - they are helpful, responsive and have a great site too!


Not sure if I’m the only person having this issue but during my testing, forms sent using mailchimp only seems to work if the senders email address is NOT existing within the database. Makes sense for a mailist list as you dont want duplicate email addresses but for sending website enquiries if someone sends a second message, the email just seems to disappear.
Is there a setting within mailchimp that I’m missing that allows duplicate entries coming from the same email address?


I’ve been out the mailchimp site and it looks like it’s not possible to use mailchimp for a “Contact Us” type of form where the same email address may get submitted many times…


Hi folks,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your support. We’ve been getting a flood of signups as people convert their forms over to FormToEmail.

We’ve had a lot of requests for a step by step so we created a couple videos:

  1. How to convert your webflow form to a FormToEmail form.
  2. How to add a new form to your webflow site.

If you have any questions just hit us up on Messenger anytime and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Forms - Send to Email

Here’s the success javascript sown in the video above:

function formtoemailSuccess() {
	var params = new URLSearchParams(;
	if (params.get('success') == 1) {
		$('#wf-form-Email-Form form').hide();
		$('#wf-form-Email-Form .w-form-done').show();



I started using @FormToEmail and it’s been great, works just like I wanted it to and their support was amazing!


I’m using formtoemail and that’s the best option I’ve found until now.

Including their support services, they helped me until my doubts were over.


I’ve been using Tectite mailscript for several years for my exported sites, works fine and it even supports email template in html .
Here is the original post I found it in How To on using your own form processor with webflow form

Totally free, I think it is odd to pay monthly fee for your mail forms. Little subscription here, little there and it builds up to be a hundred a month with all the cookie bots, amazons (since we still can’t upload any file to our own hosting on Webflow…oh well), zapiers etc…

Super grateful to @adtastic for sharing this solution, saved me quite some money and time


Thanks for the shoutout @radmitry. Anytime can offer a solution that helps and save money I’m all there.

#32 is great. Does everything and more that Webflow forms do. And it’s only €5 per month.


I figured out a way to keep the default AJAX posting and Webflow interactions while posting to a third-party service (Basin). I posted about it in Tips & Tricks: Form submissions to third-party service with native interactions

You could probably use the same code and methodology with other 3rd-party providers, as long as they offer an AJAX submission option.


A little late to the party here. You can use our platform’s form module to connect your exported Webflow forms:

It was built for Webflow, so you’ll have the same functionalities and a similar interface.

Also the pricing is very competitive, at just $6/month, for unlimited forms and submissions.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need help setting up a form!


If you have more than one form on a website, will the custom code still work? Or do i need to add a custom code for every form?


You can use the same code for multiple forms on multiple pages. However you won’t be able to differentiate the source or set unique settings to each form and the submissions will show in a single list. So it just depends on your requirements for the different forms.