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Any updates: Ability to display more than 100 items in a dynamic list


Just checking in how the pagination update is coming along?
I Need to know what is the limit of CMS items per page (is it still 100) ?


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Hi @Zozo

Yes the limit of CMS items per page is still 100.

► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

Pagination is still in development phase:

Hope this helps!

Really hope it will come soon. Otherwise it’s just a cripped CMS and you can’t launch ecommerce without pagination.


Has pagination alleviated the 100 item limit in a dynamic list? I’m trying to forward plan a large blog for a client.


Yes, it has in a way because you can have 100 items per page of the pagination, and the limit of pages in the pagination is ridiculously high.

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Thank you. Saves mocking up a 101 item list to test it : )

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If you ever encounter a limit, please let me know for ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

Hey @samliew when the feature first came out this is what I experienced. I haven’t double check this since.

How many pagination pages can you have? Apparently 1750 is the max. I set a collection to display 1 item per pagination for a collection with 2865 items.


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