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Any way to set up server-side cookie w/Webflow hosting?

I need to integrate some third party tracking code that requires a cookie to be created on the server. For example, when someone visits I need to create a cookie on the server with that “foo” value. Due to Apple’s ITP changes this is becoming a more common requirement for tracking and analytics solutions.

The site I’m working with is hosted using Webflow integrated hosting. Is there any way to handle server-side cookies for a site hosted w/Webflow directly?

Cookies are client side and can be created with JavaScript. Local storage is now preferred.

Apple recently made changes to their security policies so client-side cookies can’t exist longer than 7 days, which is a big issue for tracking and analytics solutions.

A popular workaround to this is setting cookies on the server side, this article goes over in more depth

I’m curious if Webflow hosting has any way to accommodate this kind of thing

Webflow does not, so your options are limited.