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Anyone having problems adding images?

Over the last few months, on a number of sites I have sort of got used to refreshing the page, restarting Webflow/browser and clearing the cache when I can’t add an image to the page.

This happens when adding a background image using ‘Upload’ in the assets panel or dragging images from a folder into Webflow - in this case the ‘Drop Assets here’ box simply doesn’t open.

It’s happened a lot this morning, hence the cry for help…

Hi @Hywel,

Can you describe or even better screen capture the process in more details? What does “can’t add an image to the page” mean? do you get an error? what is happening?

  1. Dragging images onto the screen does not bring up the ‘Drop Assets here’ boxes.
  2. Clicking ‘Change Image’ when changing the background in a div opens the box to select the image then nothing happens when you do.

After an hour of faffing yesterday (browser restart, Webflow restart, computer restart) I changed the name of the image and it finally came over… Really frustrating.

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The bug occured only on a specific image?
Can you recreate it with any image?
Can you recreate it in Incognito mode?
Can you recreate it on a different computer?

The bug occured only on a specific image? - No, it happens on multiple images.
Can you recreate it with any image? - No, it’s apparently random
Can you recreate it in Incognito mode? - I haven’t tried
Can you recreate it on a different computer? - I’ve only got one

Can you please try working on incognito mode and see if it happens again?

I can’t log in in Incognito mode…

There should not be any problem logging in in incognito mode… :thinking:
what do you get when you try to log in?

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My fault, wrong password!

It worked OK second time of trying, but it normally works in live mode too. I don’t think it’s an extension, I haven’t added anything recently.

Yes, this bug has been driving me crazy for the last month or two.
Basically the drag and drop fails to trigger the image interface, the Webflow designer just sits there as if nothing is happening.

The drag and drop works for the first couple of images in the session, then refuses to work from there onwards unless you change site or reload the interface.

I am constantly having to upload images via the upload button, which means I am also constantly having to change folders. I am thinking I will need to start keeping all my images in the same folder for easier upload.

Please get the drag and drop fixed.

I am using Chrome at present.

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Hi, @Hywel and @allthingsGJD!

Ben here with the Webflow Customer Support Team!

Can you share more information?

(1) Are you seeing any errors in your Console? If so, can you post it here:

(2) Could you please let me know what browser version you’re using by sending me your information from this page

Also - if you have read-only links for your site that would helpful.

And if there is a specific image type or set of images if you can share those that would be great.

And last question (sorry) - how long have you been working in the Designer when you encounter this problem?

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing back. :webflow_heart: