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Anyone know a way to post date blog posts


Hey Forum,

I’m going to need to migrate a bunch of blog posts from a clients Wordpress site to the new one I’ve done in Webflow. I can’t find a way to post date blog articles. IE give them their original created date without having to create a custom field. I see there isn’t an option to map to the created field when importing via CSV either.

Any smart ideas?

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Seems like there is no other workaround: CSV import: no date mapping possible?

You are not even able to set those private fields via the API:


The workaround would be to import into a custom date field. e.g.: (Wordpress Date)

Display this field’s value if not empty. If this field is empty, then “fallback” to the CMS item’s created date field.


Thanks @samliew. This must be a common problem migrating blogs. I’m sure the @webflow team could come up with a better solution.