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Anyone tried to add push notification to a Webflow website?


Hello everyone,

I'm trying to add push notification to my blog, there is a great service called
Have anyone tried it ?



Hey again @Zozo

We keep bumping into each other these days :laughing:

I haven't tried Pushcrew but I am using Onesignal on one of my sites. It's 100% free.

Of course, you can compare both, and others as well, and choose what suits you.


Hello again :grin: :joy:
you know what, YOU're THE BEST @Anna_Kelian.

about oneSignal, am no coder, Does it need a coding experience?
Thank you anna.


hehehe Thank you.

I'm no coder either :smile:
You just need to follow the documentation correctly. Then, add one single code to the Custom code section in Webflow.


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