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API Not exposing NULL fields, this is freaking terrible


As webflow have so many limitations, I’ve started to use the API. It recently came to my attention, that you can’t even trust the API, what is the reason of not exposing null fields from the CMS, that will result in the developer creating a model that can’t handle the entire call?

You cant create a model from the API response if there is one field that is not set in the API, why not expose that through the API as FieldName : NULL

On top of that, why is there no sorting by parameter supported in the API? ex. “

And why are you exposing the fields with Hypen “-”?

These are common things that are either a miss or in my opinion, should be fixed ASAP…

Also, Why do you only expose a MASTER KEY, that requires you to build a wrapper to not expose your key to the end user if doing a frontend API call solution, cause you are exposing the user to a key that they can use maliciously to destroy your entire site, just by deleting EVERYTHING.

Would it not be a good idea, to put rights to the key, so you can have a read only key? so you dont have to wrap entire instances.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@Brando Could you shed some lights on this, the frustration is shining through and I’m sorry for that.


I know you can get the model from /collections/collectionID, however you still cant depend on a null value if its not exposed.