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App tip for Apple users



I have not used for that long but I think it's a great little program that helps you organize your images that you're using in your projects.

Try it it's free, some additional features can be accessed through pro and team accounts.


I'm using

Thinking about to transition to Pixave 2

I tried Lingo, but it aims at collaboration so if you use it as a catalog to organize, it's free..; I don't see too much feature coming the way of this use case. I'm a bit chilly around Nounprojects apps, they tend to have expensive plans.

Pixave and Inboard are a one time pay apps, i feel more comfortable with this.


Will check your tips out


Inboard looks interesting. I bought pixa a while back and still haven't used it. Does inboard support indesign files?


Found this conversation

Also, when i look at this other programs like inboard and Pixave Lingo was deleted :grinning:. Used Ember for a while.


I don't think so but Pixave could be.



Okay I am not going to brag more on Ember, you can read what I (Vincent Bé) said in the DN thread about Ember. I lost so much things with Ember, repeatedly. Got a refund after a year finally. What they did was not cool at all, they never tried to recover my database even if they could, they never tried to fix bugs etc... A nightmare.

This story has to do with why I won't try Lingo. Put your stuff in it, bring it to your workflow and be hammered with an expensive price plan coming out of nowhere. I am not complaining about the plans per se, but sometimes I wonder if publisher realize how hard is it going to make a sustainable revenue from a specific pro tool app. The targeted crowd is narrow, doing such a business is extremely hard. A lot are trying, a lot are dying. I need strong signs of health before putting efforts in an app, or money but really that's the efforts that counts more here. Pixave 2 shows signs of an incredible health, their features are very well fine tuned, very deep. I'm still benchmarking it but I'd love to use it for real. If I figure it can replace Inbord and Monosnap, and possible Licecap too, I won"t hesitate long...


What is the DN thread and where can I find it? thanks! :wink:


Actually found that I had paid for Pixa but did not had on my system now. Downloaded it again :grin:


Hi Vlad

The one Jorn pointed out here: