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Apple's new website is TOTALLY do-able in WF


Flat design. Interactions! Animations!

Looks like Webflow is already ahead of the game. wink


Except for the tied-to-scroll anims (rotating phones).


if there's a will, there is a way.


View the source code, it actually is made in Webflow.. see...


Nice try, but this is an assembly, this code is not green in the Official Apple website. Well upstairs has a line that is not straight with the browser, totally fitting.


@AndersonBRAZIL c'mon Anderson, PixelGeek was able to detect my humour, it's just a little "mock" up, we all know it's not made in Webflow, couldn't resist a bit of cut and paste fun that's all my friend wink


Ok, I get it, I thought it was an attempt to deceive.

Changing the subject, I am unable to pay my subscription, you somehow afford it. I'm trying to pay with credit card (mastercard).

I've sent an email, most are slow to respond.

Summary of Issues with Payment and Credit Cards

The rotating phones does not look to complicated to do smile