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Apply a combination of classes without webflow Forcing the creation of combo classes

When creating a website, I can create multiple classes like this:

color: white;
padding: 10px

Then I can add both of those classes to an object, like a div or something. With webflow, from my understanding, anytime I add a combo class to an object, it pulls in the styles from the classes above, but then any future changes are then styled in a new class:

**/future changes/**

Is there any way, I can choose NOT to create a combo class, or decide what styles I want to add to which of the 3 classes above? I hate the idea of the complexity of having to deal with removing a combo class, making changes, and then adding the combo class back. And then going back and forth a bunch of times.

How can I easily make changes to JUST the .white class, or Just the .button class WHILE it’s applied to an element(assuming that element has other classes applied to it).

You can always go back to edit the initial or previous combo class by clicking the button to the right of the class name field. This doesn’t give you as much flexibility as editing each class independently, however it will definitely keep you from deleting new combo classes just to edit the initial class.




Yes, but what if I want to select only the later classes? When I click the drop-down, my most common use case scenario is to select any single class to edit at a time. I don’t always want to go back to just the previous class or classes in a combo class group.

If I have the class .white.button, then I can go back and edit the .white class individually, but I have to do the annoying back and forth, remove and re-add, process to edit the .button class.

From my understanding of what you are saying, there is no way to do this. correct?