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Arabic Text, HELP!


Hi guys, I am currently developing a website that includes Arabic language, and the client sent me a PDF with all the translated words, I proceeded to copy and paste the text from the PDF and all I was getting was flipped words.

NOTE: It has nothing to do with RTL configuration, this is set up already and the words are still in the wrong order, I changed my computer language, keyboard, all to arabic and i am still getting flipped text.

I cannot give an example because when I copy the text in the PDF gets copied backwards.


Here is my public share link:


From what I see it looks fine... I assume you are aware that Arabic is written from left to right, correct?


Hi, I already got the solution, the arabic text was displaying backwards, since i received the translated files in a word document, once copied the text flipped. Solved the problem by installing WPS office for Arabic and Chinese Language, and works great.

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