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Are products considered static pages?

I hope i dont sound like a dumbo, but are products created and published considered static pages?

Here’s my problem: Im developing a website for my company and im still using the free plan (which has a 2 static page limit per unhosted project) because i was planning on hosting after i get a certain amount of products created.
I’m not planning on having an online shop however i do need to still use the ‘products’ interface to have products on display on my site (without the price, etc.). Now, i’ve created 2 products using the ‘products’ interface but as i’m creating the third one it gives me an error refering to the limit i have on due to still having a free plan…

I was planning on getting a paid “CMS” plan for my site but i’m worried that the “CMS” plan won’t be enough because i need to create more products (which, again, are only for display purposes and not online retail), is this really an issue? Do i need to also pay for an account plan? Because even the paid “Lite” plan only allows for 50 CMS items and 100 static pages, which i suspect are product pages… Might be wrong tho :expressionless:

Ive looked at the plans and pricing page for like 10 times and i was pretty sure i had it figured out, but now i don’t know for sure…

While i’m here, here’s another quick question: Are product variants considered individual products on each own (As if i had created them seperately) ?

I’ve discovered webflow like 2 weeks ago and i gotta say i’m loving it (MC Donalds style) but there are still things i’m not sure of. Cheers and thanks for any help in advance :smiley:

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Hey @Kimmy

To get more CMS items you need to purchase a site plan (hosting). On the CMS plan you get 2000 CMS items.

Account plan is useful if you’re working as freelance designer and you need to have the option to create staging sites for clients.

From what I see here you are not using the ecom features, but the CMS. Am I right?

I’m seeing that @vincent is typing so I will end here

Piter :webflow_heart:

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I use the CMS feature to have blog posts which i labeled as “news” and i use the “products” interface to create products to have on display on my website. I’m also using the categories thingy, both which are under the “ecommerce” tab.


Normally, Products and their item pages count as items, not static pages.

There’s a global number number of items limitation. The number of items of a site is calculated as follow:

Number of items = CMS items + Ecommerce products + products categories + products variants

The limitation of the number of items varies:

  • Limit to 20 items for sites with no Site Plan on an account with no Account Plan. It’s called Free Staging. It’s also limited to 2 static pages.
  • Limit to 50 items for sites with no Site Plan on an account with any Account Plan. It’s called the Enhanced staging. It’s also limited to 100 static pages.

It’s sound like I’m bullying you! :wink:


What if i have the CMS plan for my site combined with the free individual plan?

Hahah :smiley: I believe you can give a better answer here

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If you pay for any Site Plan (like the CMS Plan), it’s lifting (almost) all the limitations for this site, even if you don’t have an Account Plan. So you get to have 100 static pages, 2000 items.

Maybe you should not use Ecommerce (Products). Ecommerce is basically a CMS with commerce capabilities. If you dont use the commerce features, such as price, shipping, payment, shopping cart, them just use the CMS, create a collection for your products, a collection for your categories etc.

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Well, i dont mind having it the way i have it right now (basically just using the ecommerce tab for products and categories and nothing else).

Just to clarify, (let’s pretend im the dumbest guy around) i still have acess to the ecommerce tab to create products and categories if i purchase a “CMS” plan and not some ecommerce plan right?

Thanks for all the help :smiley:

I guess so but by doing this you’re putting yourself at risk of suffering from undisclosed or changing limitations around ecommerce plans.