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Asset management suggestions!


OK, it’s time for a formal complaint.

The assets are a mess!

  1. No folders.
  2. No multiple delete.
  3. No Select (as in collections)

Please, please sort it out, we have been complaining about it for years (July 2015 “I am really surprised that we cannot delete assets…having to scroll through all assets is very time-consuming…”) and in a forum with the capo di tutti capi 6 months ago, he said it was being addressed…

It is the worst aspect of creating sites in Webflow and virtually unusable for image-heavy sites.

Love Hywel


Hi @Hywel

While I’m unable to provide any update on this, I can definitely recommend adding your comment to the Wishlist here if you haven’t already:

Anyone else reading this, add your vote here :point_up:

There are many others who have voted for this, including me! :crossed_fingers: :grimacing:


Been there, done that! But good point.