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Attaching an image to position of specific words in paragraph

Hey, I want to use some sketch images (underlines, scribbles etc) to compliment my text in a paragraph. Is there any way to lock the image to the position of specific words? So that as they move in a responsive way the images will stay where they need to be? Image below to show what I mean:

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hey Alistair, your read-only link isn’t working but here’s how I’d approach the situation:

Highlight the text you want the underline to be on then wrap a span around that text > Give that span a name.

Now click on the class and add a background image > select the image and use the controls to make the image span the area and align to the bottom. [You may also need to increase line-height of your text]

Let me know how you get on + please reshare your read-only link! :slight_smile:

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Hey Stephen, that is just a photoshop mock at the mo, just building on webflow now

I did look at using a text-span however that creates the wrap tight to the top and bottom of the text which means I can’t get the image positioned below the text. You will see on the link that when you move the image down to be below the text, it goes out of view

Take that back. I fixed it and it works perfectly using that method. Thanks for your help @Stephen_Wise