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Authenticate users for a members-only site?


Having discovered Webflow, I am thinking of using it for an upcoming project. It looks good, very good. But I don’t see many possibilities for procedures other than passive pages (I am used to working with HTML+CSS+JS+PHP+MySQL).

Would anyone be kind enough to tell me if user authentication is possible with Webflow while using Webflow CMS and Webflow hosting? and if yes, with maybe a little pointer?

Many thanks.


Hi @fromwebflow

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At the moment, not natively - other than password protecting pages/projects.

However…see these two posts for interesting developments on an integration:

Natively, there is a wishlist item if you’d like to add your vote:

Hope that helps…


Hi @fromwebflow

Also, just to mention keeping an eye on Micah @mistercreate and his youtube channel - he’s working on integrating Knack into Webflow: