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Auto Starting A Youtube Video And Having It Loop


Hi All,
I am brand new to webflow coming from Adobe MUSE. I hope I am posting this correctly as this is my first post, if not my apologies.

I am trying to add a Youtube video to my site that will start automatically (i.e. no red and white play button) and then loop back to the beginning and start again etc.

I am by no means a code writer, hence using MUSE and now Webflow, but the code I am embedding is what I have used in the past and it has worked fine. For some reason in webflow it will not auto start. No matter what I try I still keep getting the play button.

If someone knows how to get your video to auto start and loop, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you



Hi lyonsden81

Welcome :slight_smile:

For autoplay: go to setting an check the :Autoplay box


Shokoavi Thank You so much for the reply.

On my Youtube channel dashboard I get the attached image option for Autoplay which as you can see I have turned on. Even with this setting, when I preview the video it always starts static with the play button in the middle. I have even used the embed code below to try and do a work around and for some reason it still won’t auto play on my Webflow site.

I am at a loss as to why it won’t work.


Chrome block autoplay videos with sound (since end of 2018) -


No sound on this video.


Try to set the video to ‘mute’ - and test again


I will give that a try.


Ok it seems to be autoplaying for the initial startup but won’t loop. After it plays I get this! and then it is frozen.



Add playlist parameter


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You everyone for all the help. I think I finally got it all ironed out and can move on from here.



Can you please share your Read Only Link?