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Automatic adding of classes


Hmm..seems like the Webflow wizards are doing some work under the hood again. sunny

I noticed that a class I'd assigned to a column was automatically added to the new column when i decided to go from 2 columns to 3 columns. In the past you had to manually add a class to every new column you added.

Like it smile


cool.. so you should begin your rows with the fewer possible columns so that your styles expand smile will try to remember that.

Also, is it just I notice this only today or is this new? When you resize something with a long click:


The measurement has been there for awhile, though i don't remember when I first noticed it.


I've actually never long clicked before... I shift click smile

So now I'd like to see that when I shift click repeatedly smile


I was wrong. Automatic addition of classes didn't happen this time.. cry

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