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Automatic Picture Optimization (Generation & Folders)


What is the current problem?

  • Looking into the code i can see that if i upload 4 different pictures for the different screen sizes and set the visibility off for 3 of them on every breakpoint they still load. (Nobody wants to to spend much data when on mobile)

How the system could work:

1.) You upload a picture
2.) Webflow asks if ou want to optimize the picture. You answer (Y/N)
3.) Webflow then optimizes the picture (like tinypng) for the different breakpoints (faster loading on mobile)
4.) In your asset manager you still just see 1 picture (if you would see every picture you would need a bigger asset manager or folders[!!])

I hope you understand what i mean, english isn't my native language. :smile:


related to


I already thought i wasn't the first one with such an idea but unfortunately it didn't pop up in the suggestested themes while i was writing the concept.


Compression and dynamic resizing would be awesome!