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Automatically export CSV form and send to e-mail

Hi Folks :blush:

I need your help concerning the forms in Webflow and I would be sooooo soooo sooo happy if someone can help me solving it. :pleading_face:

I would like to create a form which triggers the export of the form csv (like in the dashboard) to an e-mail which is filled in a custom code or as a receiver in the form itself or maybe even send on a FTP server. Additionally the exported csv should not include the date of which the data was filled in.

What I want to achieve:

  • Export and send form csv automatically when form is submitted
    –> Either to email or FTP Server
  • Delete Row “Date” in the CSV

I guess it’s only possible with custom code. I am really only on the designer side not the developer side - in other words: I am clueless!

Maybe some of you have an idea :blush:

Thank you so much in advance!