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Automating a Digital Download & Course Website

This is different from the other topics out there on digital downloads from what I can see. Please re-direct me if I’m wrong.

I’m basically looking to hack current webflow eCommerce solutions to work with a digital download store. Is there a way to trigger an email delivery with a downloadable .zip folder when a customer completes a purchase for an item? For example, they purchase a course and they get a .zip folder with all of the videos and training files contained. After they purchase, can I also take them to a download page?

Furthermore, are there any account solutions for customers to return and view previously purchased downloads? Any ways this can be hacked with third party solutions outside of Webflow?


Hi @RileyBrown
I know we chatted via email yesterday, but just in case… Foxy allows you to sell digital products (and any other type of product) in Webflow with no programming experience required: +

Feel free to reach out and we can help you get started, hop on on a phone/Skype call, or anything else.


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