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Autoplay Video in Lightbox (without using default webflow video lightbox)


Hey @PixelGeek @bartekkustra or any other Webflow guru's out there smile

I know that by default the videos in a lightbox autoplay (using the webflow video lightbox widget). However, I've added in some additional pieces to my modal pop out video (logo on top of video, CTA button & a close button).
I'm trying to make a video autoplay in a self created lightbox called "Modal Window" on this page:

I got the video to stop on closing the modal, but cannot get the video autoplay haha.

Preview Link:

Any help would be appreciated smile thank you! smile


I was playing with lightboxes a while ago: for, but got literally nowhere, this is SUPER helpful for me when I refine the site (thanks smile) but I'm not sure how to autoplay the video... sorry (I would also love to know how to do this so let me know when you figure it out smile)



Hey @Arthur did you need help with making the video stop on modal close? smile I can help you with that smile I'm not finding one on the site, but that site looks cool! smile


@Waldo_Broodryk yeah, its on the reel page: BUT only on mobile which is why you wouldn't find it smile
I'm planning on reworking it a bit to make it easier for the client to edit and am

Thanks! Please feel free to like it wink:


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