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"Avoid enormous network payloads"


I’ve built a blog site for my client a year ago. He adds an article every second day, so now it’s about 180 of them. Every article has a picture.

I warned my client about compressing pictures to make site work fast, but as I checked it with Lighthouse Audit - they warned me about “enormous network payloads”. The site weighed 16MB at the time.

So I spent last 2 days resizing and compressing, making the site weigh 5MB and I feel proud of that. But Lighthouse still warns me about my site “not avoiding enormous network payloads”.

So even opening the main page that consists of like 7 articles with overall picture weight less than 500KB makes everyone download all 180 pictures? Or why Lighthouse yelling at me for that? And how do I stop that?

My site is
Here’s the LH Audit (Mobile - 4G) Results I’ve done a minute ago:

Helping me out with insane TTI is appreciated.

You have an hidden collection list in home page with practically all cms elements you have in that site, a visually hidden collection is fetched the same by the browser so practically you are downloading a lot of images that are not needed at all. Also it seams it’s hidden on every breakpoint, so just delete it

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You are the legit MVP