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Back in Stock Feature

Hi Guys,

I would like to add a feature to my ecommerce store that would allow my customers to get notified when a product is back in stock. The system would work as described below:

  • user clic on a button to get notified
  • a modal appears with a built-in a form (name, email adress, newsletter checkbox)
  • user gives this information and submit the form
  • data is collected and processed in a database (Google Sheets or Airtable) using Integromat (or Zapier)
  • when the inventory is updated in Webflow, an automated email is sent to the customer

My store is now limited to 4 products (actually 2 products in 2 sizes each) and don’t use the standard Product Page template. Products are shown on a standard page using CMS collection to get required data (name, price, size, etc.)

Since a customer may be interested in only one product, I need to consider which product is targeted by each notification request. The easy solution would be to create one form for each product but that looks not very optimized.

The best practice would be to use the same form for all requests and identify for each request the targeted product. It could be made by some checkboxes (product 1, product 2, etc.) but I would prefer something completely action-free for my customers.

I wonder if it is possible to target the place the form has been called from on the site and then make some action (add a parameter, check a checkbox, etc.). Getting the product data would also be great if possible (to add the name of price for instance)

Here are pics of the UI to help you understand


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Anyone ?
Looks far from impossible to do but can’t fid where to start…