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Background changing each time a slide changes?



I created a slide with 10 slides and I would like to have a different body background for each slide: the background image changes each time a slide changes.

How can I do this?

(the background that I want to change for each slide is the stone background on the image below)

Thank you!


The background image should be a part of the slider. Create full height-width slider (vh) - and put inside text-div (center-center by max-width or padding).

  1. Create a base class “background-slider” set the image to cover, no-repeat, center-center. Select image1 (paris).
  2. Go to slide-2 create combo class
    background-slider slide2 —> and only change the background image (london).

The position of the arrows and dots by CSS editor.

Another option is to create a custom slider (To much in my opinion for your case):

Change image related to slider change - only by javascript (No API for this idea).


Thank you! very helpful


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