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Background Parallax Scroll


For my Why US Section, I would like to have a background parallax. Ihave clicked on “Page Scrolled” then it gives me the option to “When Page Scrolled Up” or “When Page is Scrolled Down” I then click when “Scrolled Down” this gives me a drop down box “Action” where do I go from here?

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Do you want parallax or just a fixed background? Parallax is not a simply apply and go effect, it takes programming the interaction.

Fixed background offers a similar effect but is much easier.


I would like a parallax effect. For the image to slowly come into effect as the user scrolls down.

Example: The Why US Section

Architecture Home - Construction Renovation Theme

Architecture Home - Construction Renovation Theme

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The tutorial video above on parallax shows you how to do that. You have to create a div that is the size of the section and turn overflow to none and then do your animation.