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Background video isn't working on published site due to Chrome 66 update


No problem glad to hear it! I try to help as much as I can on these forums and it’s refreshing to know that if I have a problem of my own there are so many people willing to help me!


I have this issue on a site too. These autoplay video headers are grief.


Hi @HammerOz, @PHRyan, we are taking a look these reports of bg videos not working and helping to get this resolved. An update will be shared as soon as there is some new info to report.

I know it can be frustrating when things do not work as expected, further info to come on this.


Thanks @cyberdave. I am not blaming you guys. I was taking a look at this. I am not sure I see a fix at my end as my vid has no sound thanks

Background Video and Overlays

Did you guys get this fixed? Just saw my background video in all its glory on my published site in Chrome 66.0.3359.139.


Thanks guys for working your magic. It’s working for me now too.


Hi there,

I have just replaced the background video on my website. The new video plays fine in preview
but when published it just shows the first frame.

Note: The video plays if I click on the home page logo link on site but not if typing in the URL directly to browser.

Any help would be much appreciated. The previous video I had worked with no problems and was trans-coded in the same way using Handbrake. Video is under 5mb




I have exactly the same issue including the video only playing on clicking the logo nav link.

Odd behavior in Mobile - Landscape view only

I used you readonly link and it plays fine bud. Maybe its your internet speed?


Here it is showing that it works


Thank’s for the replies:

It works in preview mode ( Like the video posted ) when you click the eye icon. It does not work on the published site.

Further to making my post, I have found that it plays in IE and Firefox but not Chrome, I have tried many things but nothing seems to work.




Idk I am not able to look at the published site, but if it makes any difference I did do preview mode on Chrome.


Webflow are looking at it Background video isn't working on published site due to Chrome 66 update


Ok - this is very strange but after HammerOz told me it was due to the Chrome update, I did turn off the Autoplay on the background video and then turned it back on again. Somehow it fixed this issue. So weird…


Thanks for all the replies. It’s working now. Webflow have fixed it.


One more example:
The background video doesn’t work in 66… version of Chrome both on Windows and on Mac.

I have websites where there’s a background Youtube video that do work in this new Chrome.
Follow the tutorial attached.

But still I wait for Webflow’s resolution on this, because Youtube is blocked in China and we can’t use this Youtube solution for some websites.


@cyberdave you guys fix this? My bg vid is working on chrome again


Hi @HammerOz, thanks, yes, the awesome Webflow dev team has pushed out an update to add a muted tag to the background videos automatically. Let me know if there is any new behavior with that which is unexpected.

As a side note, I would recommend to republish the site project if the bg video does not autoplay right away.


Nice one. Thanks to the team for sorting it

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