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Background video No Looping


I love the BG Video feature. It would be great if we had an option to play once instead of the default looping setting.


Background video start on scroll/ stop looping

You can kind of hack this by creating an interaction that hides the video after a certain amount of time has passed


any way to make it stop at the end. that's where I have a logo I want to display.


+1 this would be really nice.


I also need this feature. The background video has sound, so it needs to stop after 1 play. How can we do this???


No way to do this with javascript Webflow?


I just tried following option and seams to work on Win 10 Chrome, Firefox and Edge:

Select the video from the navigator and in settings, give the video an ID (in my example:"Video").

Now insert following code in the body tag of the page:
<script type="text/javascript">

Note that the getElementByID('Video') is the ID of the actual video.

Let me know if this is a workaround to what you guys want.

Stop a background video