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Basic CSS overflow and auto-width help


Hi guys,

Trying to perform a pretty basic task here.

I have a box with a row of horizontal blocks in it.
At the right hand edge of the box is a button.
As I shrink and expand my browser horizontally I want my box to shrink over my row of blocks (hiding them) without break the blocks onto a new line.
And I want my button to stay fixed at the right hand edge of the box.

See the following and simply shrink your browser horizontally.
I'm not sure what CSS property to use on which container. Overflow hidden, scroll, etc.



Can you provide a troubleshooting link as well?

Also, try to set the element that these boxes are inside of to a fixed height like 100px. See how that behaves.


Aha I figured it out. I resorted to using some relative/absolute positioning to simply mock the desired effect:

Is my testsite URL not what you mean by a troubleshooting link?

Thanks again.


The troubleshooting link lets other people go inside your Webflow project and mess with the settings inside Webflow.

Go to settings:

Enable the url to your webflow project:


Awesome, good to know!