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BCC Order Confirmation Emails for Integration

Hey guys,

I’m looking to integrate our ecommerce site with Typically I would set this up with Zapier but it seems haven’t setup an app on there yet.

They state that if you bcc order confirmation emails to a specified address then that is one way of queuing orders for review emails to be sent out but I can’t quite find a way to do so.

Hey Joe! Hope you’re well.

Just checked out the documentation and it looks like we can use Webhooks in Zapier to POST the data you need from Webflow to

Are you trying to queue a Company/Merchant Review or a Product Review?

Hey Matt!

Ok that sounds about right. Yeah I’m trying to queue product reviews.

It would be far simpler to bcc the order confirmation emails to them but they require a SKU number per items sold and it looks like the Webflow confirmation emails don’t surface the SKU…?



Agreed, but unfortunately, I don’t think you can add SKU into the Order Emails with Webflow natively right now.

If you’re not against using Zapier, I can walk you through the process (via PM if you’d like) and we can see if we can figure it out. (At first glance, it actually doesn’t look too hard)

Let me know!

Edit: Not resolved because Product SKUs are not exposed via API or Zapier.

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Hi Matt

You say SKU’s aren’t exposed, but I see the product SKU in the Api Ecommerce order model “purchasedItems.variantName” .

Did you have no luck with zapier webhooks?

Hey @HammerOz! I saw that too, which is why I thought it was possible.

However, when running the actual API call (either in a tool like Postman or Zapier), I was unable to retrieve the actual SKU like the docs say. If you find a way to grab it, I’d love to hear it!

Edit: Nope as you guys say there is no SKU in the response data. On top of that parsing the array child items or purchasedItems looks like it requires zapier code to get items and the main order info such as email.

All of my products are setup with the SKU, and many ecommerce integrations require SKU or barcode number for product identification as product titles are likely change more often etc.

It seems that the documentation is slightly misleading… @federico - what would you suggest?


Yeah, it is misleading. I don’t see how you could create an invoice with line items or send / get purchased items into shipstation, ship easy or anything else.

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I know the SKU is the main topic here, but this is from zapier support.

“If you need everything in the payload and then want to turn an array of items into line items, you’ll need to use a raw hook to catch that yourself and then parse it with a code step.”

So even if the SKU is revealed, sleeves will need to be rolled up (to reveal my very tiny coding muscles)

Interestingly, I see the WooCom integration only just got updated to support line items this is what we need


Hey @brryant - there’s still no Product SKU or GTIN being surfaced in the ecommerce API… this is what I get from the purchasedItems array in Zapier. Any idea when this might be added?

If you are looking to autoamte product reviews just use Monto ( - we natively integrate with webflow and if there is anything that is key for you that might be missing - just let me know and my team will help you out to have what you want.