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BeoPlay Gallery animation on mouse over


I am trying to make this rollover animation for a gallery

Is there a way to do it in webflow i dont know how to add interaction to a background image.


You don’t need interactions, you just need CSS and the :hover state.

  • First with your element selected on the default state, go to Transitions and add Background position.
  • add your background to the normal state if it’s not already done
  • switch to the hover state and go zoom your bg a bit

Now it should zoom on hover.

Of course use a larger image than the box to keep a good quality. if the box is 100 x 100, you need a @2x image of 200 x 200. But take the zoomed state into account and provide the necessary dimensions. (like 220 x 220.


thank you i can animate the background position but on the hover state when i change the background size it doesn’t animate it it just do a static zoom. i there a way to give a transition to the zoom