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Best Practice to create a Breadcrumb?


Hello everyone,

I don't see any "Breadcrumb" block in the elements panel, and I was wondering what's the best practice to crate a breadcrumb ?

Maybe with a Link Bloc ?

Any suggestion much appreciated !


There are several ways to do this.

In any case I would create a Block (div) and drop Text Links inside. By default Text Links are "Inline" elements so they will stack next to each other. You would just need to give some padding/margin to space them out and give them other styles. You can also make them Display: Inline-block. You will have some more flexibility to mess with their styles (because Inline restricts some CSS Layout properties).


Hi, I would be interested in how I could make the breadcrumb (div) visible above everything (while scrolling) including content such as pictures maps, etc. Thanks a lot!


Hey @gabermesz you would just need to set the position of the breadcrumb div (div in which all of the breadcrumbs live) to a "Fixed" position, then be sure to adjust the position using the positioning tool, and set a width/height for the div.
That will make the breadcrumb div "Fixed" in the same location no matter where you scroll on the page. smile
Let me know if you have any questions. smile




hey, thank you! To tell the truth the settings you mentioned were already applied on it, but inspite of that it wasn't visible above some content. However, the problem's been solved, I just had to set the z-index to 1..:) Anyway thanks and bests! smile


That Z-Index has thrown me for a loop a few times haha. smile
Glad you were able to figure it out! Didn't have a preview link so I just gave you the general info/explanation smile

Have fun and take care smile here if you ever have questions


I am trying to create a breadcrumb nav bar as well. The way it was described above would Google read it as a true breadcrumb navbar or is that kind of a rigged way of doing it ? I know Google looks for Breadcrumb nav bars for better SEO indexing.


would definitely like to see sortof 'auto-breadcrumb' creation

without it, the app still cant really be called "Content Management System" ,
cause when managing larger content, it cant really be managed. Visitors get lost

sorry, not trying to troll here.
feature request ;p

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