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Best practices for inline responsive images feature

Hi all,

Was hoping to get some clarity with the responsive images feature for webflow. I understand that it only works for inline images, but what should be the size of the original image I upload? should I make it the exact size it is being displayed on desktop and bring down the quality? Or is there a ballpark resolution I should stay around and bring down the quality …

Secondly, does the object-fit feature affect this responsive feature at all?

The way im hoping to use inline images is by setting the width and height in webflow and using object-fit: cover so that the image doesn’t get warped, and if the client decides to change the image down the road, the design won’t be altered.

So basically if I have an inline image on my page and I set the width to 500px and height to 600px and give it object fit: cover

What should my original image size be that I upload and would using fit: cover affect the responsive image feature in the background?

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